The richest people in the world 2019. Forbes billionaires list.

Jeff Bezos


Investor, entrepreneur, chairman, founder, CEO of Amazon. The company began as a small online store of books, gradually increasing turnover and adding new products and services. He also founded the aerospace company, which he called Blue Origin. And bought a daily newspaper “The Washington Post”. Jeff is actively engaged in venture investments through his fund Bezos Expeditions. Forbes list appointed him the richest man of our time.

Bill Gates


A major American businessman, philanthropist, investor, founder of Microsoft Corporation. Having delegated all affairs to the company's management, now he is not conducting an active business activity, acting only as a consultant for the new CEO Satya Nadella. Bill Gates often received criticism for anti-competitive business practices. Perhaps this rigidity in relation to competitors and led him to the leaders of the Forbes list. Now, the billionaire is actively engaged in charitable activities, donates to science and health.

Warren Buffett


The most successful investor, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a popular speaker - ranked third in the list of Forbes. He received his first investment experience in his youth. In the future, for its excellent professionalism, the media will call him the "Wizard". Despite his wealth, Warren lives quite sparingly. What is worthy of respect. In addition, he is engaged in charitable activities, and in the future, he promised to give 99 percent of his fortune to a charitable foundation «Bill & Melinda Gates». He also actively participates in the political life of the country.

Bernard Arnault


The richest man in Europe and the fourth in the world according to Forbes CEO of LVMH and Chairman of Christian Dior. His father was a businessman, which apparently served as a good example for his son, who came to work at his company immediately after graduation and after a few years, assumed the position of president of the company.