How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

My blog is about success in life and business and I think it is necessary to talk here about Smoking because mental and physiological health is the most important factor of success and happiness. I smoked for 18 years. Almost every night I was throwing away cigarettes, but waking up in the morning I again went to the store for tobacco. There were successful attempts. Once I managed to Quit Smoking for one year but in the end, I smoked again after a quarrel with my girlfriend. Apparently, while I wasn't ready because I didn't understand what a drug addiction. Now I am a non-smoker again and I want to share my thoughts and conclusions about it.

The most basic idea by which I quit Smoking is the understanding that we are mental, physically and spiritually ill. The desire to smoke a cigarette-it's not our desire, it's just a disease and it will soon pass if we do not smoke and we will think correctly.

What happens when you quit smoking

The first 3 days

These days are the hardest. In order not to feel stress, I recommend to relax and do what you want. These days I had a weekend and watched my favorite bloggers on YouTube All day long and in the evening I walked around the Park and breathed fresh winter air. I was in a bad mood, I felt nervous and tired. I really wanted to smoke. But I was saved by the understanding that it's just a disease and addiction and soon I will be healthy. It is important to note a strong increase in appetite. I've been eating something all day. The second and third-day appetite came back to normal. I started to smell and taste the food better.


Already on the fourth day of physical drug addiction disappears and you feel like a winner. There is a lot of energy and strength. But we must remember that we expect danger in the form of stress, fatigue, alcohol, Smoking friends and so on. My method is not to wait and not be afraid of these situations. Create them specifically to train your stress resistance and willpower. In the future, if they are repeated you'll be ready for them.

Are you determined to Quit Smoking? Then let's start training. Do all that described below and do not smoke.

  • Get drunk with Smoking friends;
  • Be in a stressful situation. No need to provoke her, stress will find us;
  • If you used to smoke when drinking coffee, then pour yourself a Cup of coffee;

The first month


People who are highly exposed to stress may experience tachycardia. To promote heart health, I consumed magnesium and fish oil in the form of food supplements. To calm my nerves, I brewed and drank motherwort every day and once a month drank red wine. I against alcohol but very rarely and in small quantities he reassures and allows look away from daily problems. Do not get carried away because the alcohol contained in the wine - it is also a drug.


More and more I forget about cigarettes. I don't want to smoke anymore. Very rarely there is a faint desire to smoke but it passes quickly. I have more energy and strength.

I have acquired many new useful habits, such as:

How to stop smoking for good